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Supporting learners to work collaboratively on maths/English – Using Google Docs, Mote and Jamboard

1.0 Menti responses to two questions

2.0. Breakout Activity

Silent reflection ( 3 mins)


  1. a group of learners you could practice some collaborative learning with
  2. what collaborative learning task/s could you craft using one of the tools we’ve explored (Google docs, Google slides mote, jamboard)


In breakout pairs:

  • Discuss and refine with your partner your responses to Q1 & 2

  • Locate your partner in the collaborative Google Slide deck from earlier

  • Leave partner feedback on their collaborative learning task (Q2) via comments in Slides or via a Mote.

N.B *Link to download Mote extension here. You will need a Google account to sign up.*


3.0 Slides & other resources



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