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#CfEM Action Research Projects

Twenty-one CfEM worked on a total of 29 action research questions in the project’s first year.

Action research questions

The 21 Centres for Excellence worked with network partners during 2019-2020 to investigate a question as an action research group (ARG) on the topic of motivation and engagement,  data and technology or mastery.

Motivation and Engagement

Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education & Bishop Burton


What are the barriers to maths achievement for students who are on a Level 3 vocational programme, but studying GCSE Maths Re-sit?

Nelson and Colne College & Runshaw College


How do students respond to a team based competitive starter activity across a course of six weeks?

Cambridge Regional College


How do student engagement coaches (for maths) help students to engage in learning maths?

Harlow College & Northampton College


What are students’ perceptions of the Maths Lab?
• for current users what is seen as most valuable and how could the experience be better?
What would encourage students who do not currently engage with maths lab to attend?

Newcastle & Stafford College Group & partners


What does an engaging lesson look like and how do Teachers teach them?

Warwickshire College


How do students respond to our growth mindset intervention?
• How do students feel towards maths?
– pre/post questionnaire.
• What do students think about usefulness of the G2M?

Weston College & partners (Yeovil, Heart of Worcestershire College, Hartpury College, South Gloucestershire & Stroud College & South Devon College)


How do students respond to incisive questions in the thinking environment?

City of Plymouth & Exeter College


How do students respond to maths lessons outside of the classroom?

Christ the King Sixth Form College & partners (St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College, Shooters Hill Sixth Form College & Newhaven School)


How does the use of Academic Improvement Mentors impact the learning experience and mindset of re-sit GCSE Maths students?

Eastleigh College


How do GCSE maths students respond to essential 8 intervention? (Eastleigh)

Fareham College


How does the use of maths coaches improve the motivation and engagement of GCSE maths re-sit students? (Fareham)

Greater Brighton Metropolitan College & Worthing College


How do teachers respond to mindfulness training?

Newham College & Westminster College


How does video documenting learner journeys for GCSE Maths impact on motivation and engagement?

Newham College & Westminster College


How do GCSE learners with ESOL needs respond to teaching interventions of key words & phrases specific to GCSE maths? (Newham)


Gateshead College


How do trial teachers develop knowledge and practice of a mastery approach?

Grimsby College & Bishop Burton


How do FE Maths practitioners implement a Mastery Approach within their teaching of GCSE Maths Re-sit?

Tameside College & partners


How can a Mastery model be adapted to allow one year resit students to develop;
• Mathematical thinking
• Procedural variation
• Conceptual variation

Leicester College & Lincoln College


How can we improve students’ problem-solving skills through collaborative development of mathematical tasks?

Leyton Sixth Form


How does the use of problem-solving activities help engage students with mathematical tasks?

East Kent College


How do teachers respond to centrally planned resources?

Greater Brighton Metropolitan College & Worthing College


How do students respond to 1:1 interventions with their class teacher?

Data and Technology

Gateshead College


Does topic – based formative assessment to enable individualised learning, improve learner outcomes?

Lakes College & partners


How does the maths classroom environment promote & support learning?

Leeds City College & partners


Why do learners choose to engage, or not engage with online maths resources in college?

Wilberforce College & Franklin College


How does teachers and students use of Geogebra support understanding of geometry?

Harlow College & Northampton College


How do teachers use GCSE awarding body analysis to assess students’ strengths and areas for development and inform planning?

New College Stamford & partners


How do maths learners perceive the role of interactive learning software in their classroom environment?

I feel much more confident in our action research and I understand how to collect data.

Delegate, CfEM Action Research Development Programme – Day 2 November 2019, Stafford

We have already reviewed our action research question 3 times – constantly evolving.

Delegate, CfEM Action Research Development Programme – Day 2 December 2019, Brighton
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