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Practice Development Groups


We are delighted the Education and Training Foundation has commissioned touchconsulting Ltd to deliver Practice Development Groups in the East and West Midlands. 

PDGs & the bigger picture

touchconsulting Ltd is delivering Practice Development Groups on behalf of the Education and Training Foundation. PDGs form part of the Education and Training Foundation’s Practitioner Research pathway. Practitioners can join the research pathway at various points; including practitioner-led enquiry, small-scale research projects or postgraduate research

PDGs sit firmly within practitioner-led enquiry, and are driven by participants who work collaboratively to undertake a maths/English inquiry related to their learners and teaching practice. They plan, do and review; regrouping and discussing what worked (and didn’t) with their PDG members, and then go again.

Applications are now open for participants

We are also delighted to launch new PDG Exchanges for Midlands practitioners. 

PDG Exchange & Booking link DateTime Trainers
PDG Exchange: Developing learners’ oracy via video – Using Flipgrid PDG Exchange: Developing learners’ oracy via video – Using Flipgrid Wednesday 24 March 20211:30 - 3.00pmJoss Kang & Sammy White
@JossKang & @WhatTheTrigMath
Developing learners' maths skills through careful lesson and scheme planningTuesday 30 March 2021 4:00 - 6:00pmMarsida Horeska
PDG Exchange: Developing learners' retrieval practices through low-stakes formative assessment in maths/English - Using QuizletWednesday 21 April 20211:30 - 3:00pmJoss Kang & Sammy White
@JossKang & @WhatTheTrigMath
PDG Exchange: Supporting learners to work collaboratively on maths/English - Using Google Docs, Mote and JamboardWednesday 28 April 20211:00 - 3:00pmJoss Kang & Sammy White
@JossKang & @WhatTheTrigMath

We can run these Exchanges in-house at a date/time to suit. Limited resource! Download Flyer here. Get in touch

PDG Launch Event

PDG East Midlands

PDG West Midlands


Celebration event

Oracy using Flipgrid

Lesson & scheme planning

Retrieval using Quizlet

Working collaboratively using Mote etc

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