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EXCITING NEWS: the team at touchconsulting Ltd is delighted to announce that we will be delivering the 2020-2021 #APConnect programme on behalf of the Education and Training Foundation. Register your interest here, and read more here

The Education and Training Foundation commissioned touchconsulting Ltd in 2018 to design and deliver the ‘Professional Development Programme for Advanced Practitioners.’ The programme has evolved rapidly and is now known as #APConnect & is now in its third year. #APConnect is made up of the following strands:

Developing Advanced Practitioners’ CPD programme

Communities of Practice

Collaborative projects

AP Toolkit

National Advanced Practitioner Conference

Listen to the team and participants discuss their experiences of #APConnect

The networking and collaboration facilitated through meets or communication tools have been excellent, the opportunities provided for the APs to develop skills has also been fantastic.

Impact Survey, March 2020

There is a real body of shared practice growing through this project. This focus on teaching and learning through APs and educators is having a very positive impact on teachers. If teachers aren’t motivated, then what chance is there for learners.

Impact Survey, March 2020
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