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#CfEM CPD 2021+

Training Material 

Modules 1-6


A warm welcome from the Education and Training Foundation’s team to all of the 2021+ Action Research Leads.  

You’ll find the training materials to use with your action research groups (ARG) for Modules 1 – 6 of the CfEM AR Lead (Train-the-Trainer) programme on this page.

Online delivery of Modules 1-6

All of these modules have been designed in three-parts (a-c)
a)30-minute asynchronous activity sitting in DESMOS classroom, with the exception of Module 6.
b)90 mins live Zoom session organised as follows:
- review and discussion of 30-minute asynchronous activity
- inputs on topic
- breakout room activity
- review & close
c)60 mins asynchronous activity to be completed as an action research group (ARG)

You have access to all the materials used by the ETF team to deliver the six modules. You can adapt the content to suit your ARG members and your delivery plan. 

Top Tips 
a)Do familiarise yourself with the training materials
b)You can work with another AR Lead and co-teach
c)You can run all of these modules online or as a face-to-face sessions, or a combination of both
d)You can copy and use the DESMOS classrooms in their entity or adapt for your group.
e)You can access support from your mentor to help you plan and reflect on your sessions
f)We will be exploring the content of modules at your Train-the-trainer sessions
g)Feel free to edit, tailor & add to the training materials
f)All editable training materials for delivery are located on the Module Padlets; that's trainer notes, slides and resources
i)All trainer notes are in Word format so you can adapt for your own purpose
j)There is a suggested timeline for delivery. See here.

Training Material
You can locate all the training materials (that is, comprehensive trainer notes, all resources and handouts) for all 6 modules on the Padlets below. Please click on the name of the module to access. Feel free to customise the materials to suit your action research group.
Module 1 Action Research - An Overview: why, what and how
Module 2 Project Management
Module 3Literature Review
Module 4Data Collection
Module 5Data Processing and Analysis
Module 6Reporting and Dissemination
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