our philosophy

touchconsulting believes, like you, that people are our greatest asset. We also recognise educational

organisations, like businesses, are doing more with less resource. We are committed to helping you get

the best from your most valuable resource – your people – by aligning their values with those of your


There is no text book way of aligning individual goals with organisational goals. We have

experienced and witnessed again and again, in industry, the transformational impact of coaching on

both peoples’ lives and on business productivity. This has shaped our decision to set up touchconsulting.

touchconsulting exists to support educational providers such as Further Education Colleges, Schools,

Universities, Work Based Learning Providers, Adult and Community Learning Providers and Key

Government Agencies.


We will support your people to transform the quality of teaching, learning and leadership by using

tried and tested methods from the business world. Methods such as 1:1 performance coaching, 1:1

transition coaching and group facilitation. These have been moulded specifically for the Education sector

using the touchconsulting teams wide range of experience, qualifications and results.


Our credentials in the fields of Coaching, Business and Education include:

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